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If I get on the wait list for a class, what's the next step?

Prior to the start of school, if a space becomes available and you are at the top of the wait list, an email will be sent to you giving you permission to add the class. At this time, you can access your WebAdvisor account and add yourself to the class. From the date of the notice you have a three day window to add yourself to the class or you lose your space on the wait list.  If for any reason you have a block on your account, the block would have to be cleared before you can add yourself to the class.

Students who are on the wait list as of the first day of class must go to class on the first day, receive an Add Code from the instructor, if space is available, and register with the Add Codeon WebAdvisor. Please be aware of the balance on your account.  The wait list process is no longer active, after midnight, the day before the first day of the semester. For additional information go to the 'Wait Listing a Class' section.

I have been dropped from my class.  What can I do? 

If it is an Instructional Drop or an online mishap, students will need to get an Add Code from the instructor and re-enroll themselves in the class if it is within the late add period or submit directly to the office of Admissions and Records for reinstatement. If, however, it is after the last day to add a class, obtain an add code from the instructor and submit the add code with a completed Petition for Late Add, Drop, or Refund and submit them to the Admissions & Records Office. Upon approval of the petition, students will be reinstated back into the class.

Why am I on probation?

There are two different kinds of probation, Academic and Progress Probation.

Academic Probation: The first semester in which a student shows a cumulative grade point average (GPA) below 2.0 for all units completed at Napa Valley College shall be placed on Academic Probation-First Semester status.  The second semester a student who maintains less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA shall be placed on Academic Probation-Continuing status.

Progress Probation: The first semester a student shows grades of W, I, and NC in 50% or more of his/her cumulative units of enrollment, shall be placed on Progress Probation-First Semester. The second semester a student earns grades of W, I, and NC in 50% or more of cumulative units of enrollment shall be placed on Progress Probation-Continuing status.

Please contact a counselor for additional information regarding your status and guidance.
Email or call (707) 256-7220.

If my transcripts from another college do not arrive on time, can I still enroll in the class?

Yes, you may register for classes as long as you are not registering for a class that requires you to verify that you have met the prerequisite requirement.  If you want to register for a class that requires proof of having met a prerequisite, you must have your transcripts (official or unofficial) to verify that you have taken the prerequisite class at another college. Submit your transcript along with the Prerequisite Equivalency Petition to Admissions & Records. You will be able to register for the class pending the decision of the petition or you can provisionally enroll by bringing in your completed Prerequisite Equivalency Petition to Admissions & Records and fill out an Open Registration form to enroll, as long as it is your Priority Registration period.

How do I drop a class? 

Students must drop classes through WebAdvisor or in the Admissions & Records Office.  Students are responsible (not the instructor) for withdrawing from class(es) in which they are officially enrolled. If you fail to attend a class in which you are officially enrolled and do not drop the class, you may receive a failing grade. Be sure to check the "Important Dates" in the class schedule and the Admissions & Records Calendar.  Deadlines vary for dropping summer five, six and eight week session classes. Late start and short term classes also have varied deadlines, please consult the Late Start/Short Term Section Information on the WebAdvisor HomePage for specific registration dates.  

What should I do when the class I want to take is closed? 

Option #1: If the class is closed and there is space on the waiting list, you can choose to be on the waiting list. (See additional information on Wait Listing below.) Be sure to attend the first class meeting to find out if you have been officially added or will be added to the class.

Option #2: If the class is closed and the waiting list is also closed, you may attend the class on the first day. If the instructor drops some students, seats will become available and it is possible that the instructor will give you an Add Code. You can access the registration link in WebAdvisor to add yourself to the class. The information required is the term, the section or synonym number and your unique add code given to you by the instructor. Add codes can only be distributed by the instructor of the class you are attending for the class you are attending. If you are having difficulty adding the class via WebAdvisor, verify with the instructor that he/she has given you a valid code for the correct section. If you are still having difficulties, bring your code to Admissions and Records for enrollment.

What is the maximum number of units I can take? 

The college policy for the maximum number of units per semester is 18. The maximum number of units per summer session is 11.  Students wishing to take more than 18 units during a semester or more than 11 units during a summer session must see a counselor to review, sign, and submit a Petition for Excess Unit Limit.

How many units must I take to be considered a full-time student? 

If you are enrolled in 12 or more units in fall or spring semester, you are considered a full-time student. During the summer session, you are considered a full-time student if you are enrolled in 11 or more units.

What are Pass/No Pass Courses? 

There are two kinds of P/NP courses.  The first category consists of classes that are only offered on a P/NP basis.  These courses are listed in the college catalog and noted in the class schedule.

The second category consists of courses that you may choose to take on a P/NP basis.  To do so, you must either register for Pass/No Pass through WebAdvisor at the time of registration, or fill out the P/NP Form and submit it to Admissions & Records by the fourth week of instruction for a semester-length class.  If you choose to take classes on a P/NP basis, you must participate in the class as a regular student. If the grade awarded by the instructor is a C or higher, the grade is recorded as a P.  If the instructor assigns a grade of D or F, the grade is recorded as NP.

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Graduation FAQs

NVC Commencement Link -

How long does it take to evaluate my transcript? 

Transcripts are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis unless an exigent circumstance exists (exigency will be determined by a counselor or the Associate Dean of Admissions & Records).  Usually transcripts can be evaluated within 6 weeks of receipt.

How can I find out the result of my evaluation? 

After the six week timeframe has ended, contact the Counseling Office 707-256-7220 for an appointment.  A counselor will discuss the evaluation and help you develop an educational plan.

What is the difference between an AA and AS degree? 

The Associate of Arts degree parallels the first two years of liberal arts coursework in a Bachelor of Arts degree (or in alternate degrees like Fine Arts or Liberal Arts), leading to a range of possible majors in the arts, humanities, and social or behavioral sciences, to be completed in the third and fourth years of work towards a bachelor's degree.

The Associate of Science degree parallels the first two years of liberal arts coursework in a Bachelor of Science degree (or in alternate degrees like Engineering, Business, or Agriculture), leading to a range of possible majors in mathematics and natural/physical sciences, to be completed in the third and fourth years of work towards a bachelor's degree.

When will I receive my diploma? 

Diplomas for spring graduates will be mailed out in September, December for summer graduates, and April for fall graduates.

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 Health Occupations FAQs

Where can I get an application for the ADN program? 

You need to attend one of the mandatory information sessions to obtain an application.

Do I need to sign up to attend an informational session? 


Where do I get an application for the Vocational Nursing Program? 

You can get the application for the Vocational Nursing Program at

Do I need to take an English and Math assessment test for the nursing programs? 

Yes, for the LVN and Psychiatric Technician programs.
No, for the ADN program.

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 Grading FAQs

Grades for fall 2018 will be available as of the 7th of January, 2019. 

When are grades going to be posted? 

Grade rosters are due after three working days of the last day of classes.   Students can view their grades on WebAdvisor (if grades are submitted on time.)

How can I appeal my grade? 

The first step is to contact the instructor and request a grade change. If the instructor agrees, he/she can file a Grade Change Form to have the grade updated. This process can take from 2 to 4 weeks.  If the instructor does not agree, please contact the Division Chair, Dean and/or Office of Instruction.

How do I calculate my Grade Point Average? 

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total grade points earned by the total grade points attempted.

Grade Point Average Scale
Grade or SymbolMeaningGrade Points per Semester Unit
DPassing (Less than Satisfactory)1
NPNo Pass0
IIncomplete (units not counted in GPA)0
WWithdrawal (units not counted in GPA) 0
MWMilitary Withdrawal (units not counted in GP)0
IPIn progress (units not counted in GPA)0
RDReport Delayed (units not counted in GPA)0


Sample Grade Point Average
CourseUnitsGradeGrade Points
English 1013B9
Math 1414A16
History 1103B9
Total Units Attempted10Total Grade Points34

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 Wait list FAQs

Information on Wait listing a Class

Don't wait until the first day of the term to get into a class that is full! Put yourself on the waitlist (if available) and be first in line to fill a vacated spot! Wait listing in WebAdvisor allows students to electronically "wait in line" for the next available space.

During the registration period, students may place themselves on the waitlist for a specific class which is filled. Students on the waitlist will be notified if a vacancy occurs and will receive an email.  Make sure we have your correct email address on file in Admissions & Records.  You will be automatically enrolled and receive an email with confirmation of registration and payment information. 

  • WebAdvisor also checks for completed prerequisites, so don't wait list for a class until you are ready to take the class or have submitted a prerequisite equivalency prior to registration.
  • WebAdvisor checks for schedule conflicts for wait listed courses, so don't waitlist for a class that meets at the same time or overlaps with a class for which you're already registered.
  • You also can't be added into a class from the wait list if you're already registered in another section of the same class, or if adding you into the wait listed class will give you a unit overload.

After the last day to register. Faculty control who is registered from the wait list by assigning the student an add code, by request. The student can then add themselves to the class via WebAdvisor.

What if the section I want is full? 

Get on the waitlist by using WebAdvisor (look for the "Wait list" action when registering).  If the wait list is full, keep checking back to try to get on it. 

If you are on the Waitlist, please monitor your WebAdvisor account because you will be auto-registered once a space becomes available.

If space does not become available before the start of the term , please contact the instructor of the course to have an add code assign to you. Please be advised, add code becomes active on the first day of term and expire once the last day to add the class.

Who may waitlist for a class?

Anyone who has a valid email address  on file and is a current student may waitlist.  This is important since this is how we notify students who are on the waitlist if space becomes available.  You must also meet the prerequisites and not be wait listed for another section of the same class. 

Can I sign up for multiple waitlist sections for the same course?


If I have a hold on my record, will I be able to register for the class in which I am wait listed?

No.  No registration activity is possible with a hold on your account.

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