Shawna Bynum

Summer Bridge 2013

Welcome to the math portion of your Summer Bridge program!

We'll be using MyMathLab in here, which is a homework management program used in many of our math classes at NVC.  The Summer Bridge program will allow you to familiarize yourself with the program and its many resources, while at the same time filling in any gaps you may have in your pre-requisite knowledge as you get ready to take your next college math class.

The program is designed to adapt to your individual needs, so you won't be working on the same topics as other students in the class, but instead focusing on what you need.

Before you start working on the program, you'll need to follow this link:

Where you will type in our Course ID: bynum33201

Then follow the on-screen directions.  If you've used Pearson products before, don't make a new account, but sign in using your existing account.  If you haven't, create an account.  You may end up using it throughout your college career (in Math, English, Chemistry etc) so be sure to register with you correct legal name and a valid email address.

For this Summer Bridge program, we'll use the 17 day free trial period (perfect for our two week class).  If you want to continue reviewing your math after the trial ends, you'll need to purchase access to the software. 

Feel free to work forward through the online portion of the class on your own at home.  Make the most of this free review!

Welcome to our Class