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Dr. Robert Butler, Dean of Technology  

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I believe that education is likely the single most important investment in the future of our people, communities, and world. It is a fundamental element vital to sustainable social and economic success. Technology is an essential part of this endeavor, enhancing and extending educational experiences and opportunities. As such, I thoroughly identify with and appreciate academia where I have been supporting and managing technology in higher education since the 1980s. I have been at NVC since 2000, and am responsible for district technology, systems, and staff in support of our college mission and  student success. 

Prior to NVC, I was at University of California, Berkeley. I was responsible for leading a large, technically and geographically diverse staff, where I administered policy for the operation, installation, and repair of campuswide computer and communication networks. At Sonoma State University I was responsible for campus networks as well as other IT infrastructure and support. As a part-time faculty member, I also taught upper division management and computer courses.

I treasure community colleges such as NVC, SRJC, and schools like them that provide educational opportunities and pathways to those who wouldn’t have them otherwise, like me. I’ve been employed to support myself continuously since I was a teenager. I was fortunate to find an occupational program that allowed me to work while completing high school through technical training. I subsequently went on to attend and work at community colleges and public universities. While I don’t recommend it for everyone, my long journey of concurrent employment and academic pursuits over the years has been complementary, symbiotic, and rewarding.

I have earned A.S., B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in electronics, communications, management information systems (MIS), and business administration/technology management. I also hold professional licenses and certificates such as FCC amateur and commercial class broadcasting licenses as well as NSA and DoD CNSS and NSTISSI certifications.

   "An atmosphere of collegial sharing, growth, and communication is the key to our success." -RB 

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