PTEC 150

These are the documents you are to print and bring to class.

Please print lecture notes and handouts prior to each lecture.  You may be asked to leave the class if you do not bring appropriate handouts.  Unless told otherwise, DO NOT write on handouts until instructed to do so in class.

 Foundations of Nursing   This is the first text we use.

 Chapter 2 Legal and Ethics

Lecture notes

Chapter 3 Communication

Chapter 4 Vital Signs

Lecture Notes

Chapter 5  Physical Assessment

Chapter 6 Nursing Process and Critical Thinking

Chapter 7 Documentation

Chapter 8 Cultural and Ethnic Considerations

Chapter 10 Loss, Grief, Dying and Death

Lecture Notes

Chapter 11 Admissions and Discharges

Chapter 12 Med-Surg Asepsis & Infection Control

Chapter 13 Surgical Wound Care

Chapter 14 Safety

Chapter 15 Body Mechanics

 Chapter 16 Pain, Comfort, Rest, Sleep

Chapter 18 Hygiene and Care of Environment

Chapter 19 Specimen Collection and Diagnostic Exams

Chapter 20 Selected Skills  

Chapter 21 Nutrition

Chapter 22 Fluids and Electrolytes

Chapter 23 Math Review and Medication Administration

Chapter 24 Emergency First Aide

Chapter 33 Health Considerations for Older Adults

Chapter 40 Hospice

 Adult Health Nursing  This text is used later in the semester

 Chapter 3 Integumentary Disorders

Chapter 4 Musculoskeletal Disorders

Chapter 5 Gastrointestinal Disorders

Chapter 7 Blood and Lymphatic Disorders

Chapter 8 Cardiovascular Disorders

Chapter 9 Respiratory Disorders

Chapter 10 Urinary Disorders

Chapter 11 Endocrine Disorders

Chapter 11 Diabetis

  • Lecture Notes

Chapter 12   Reproductive Disorders

Chapter 13 Visual and Auditory Disorders

Chapter 14 Neurological Disorders

Chapter 15 Immune Disorders

Chapter 16 HIV AIDS

Chapter 17 Cancer





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