Napa Valley College Faculty & Staff

How I can help students:

I am one of the reference librarians at Napa Valley College and I am also the part-time coordinator/counselor in the Workability III program.  If you need help finding authoritative and relevant sources of information for your assignments, you've come to the right place! I love to research and to teach others how to search effectively. 

  • Have a big writing assignment and don't know where to begin? 
  • Having trouble deciding what type of source to use to complete an assignment?
  • Need a review of citation styles for MLA and APA?
  • Need help locating materials at McCarthy Library and elsewhere?

I am here to help.  There are many ways that librarians support students in being successful in college.  The library has many resources that students are often unaware of.  My job is to help you to become aware of and effectively use those resources.  In library jargon we call it "information literacy", but it is really just helping you to determine the best, most accurate  sources of information for your information need. 

Take a look at the Library Guides and the selected web resources on the library website to get an idea of some of the great resources we have available here at NVC.

How I can help instructors:

  • Do you wish all your students felt comfortable and competent in tackling the research project you've just assigned?
  • Would you like help in designing plagiarism-proof assignments?
  • Need ideas on how to "spice up" an assignment by using library resources?
  • Would you like to include multi-media in your assignments, but just don't feel quite prepared to integrate technology into your curriculum? 
  • As you are conducting research in your field  would you like to know how to find full-text scholarly articles without paying a fee?

These are just a few ways that I can help you.  I am here to collaborate with you and to help make learning experiences better.  I can help you to "accessorize your pedagogy" by bringing my knowledge of research together with how best to leverage the amazing technology we now have available in the library.  

About me:

I have a masters in Library and Information Science, a teaching credential in social science  and a masters in Counseling.  My hobbies are stained glass and walking my rescued greyhound with my husband.

The best way to reach me is via email:





Nancy McEnery