Maria Villagomez

Peru, 2011-2012

Our impressions....

“I saw how a society evolves from the old traditional agricultural society. Now, they have to find a substitute for the old way of living, which is the common problem of developing countries. In old days they were all employed in the small patch of land, now they consider that old life style as "poverty". I lived in the mud walled thatched house without running water or electricity, but we never considered ourselves as "poor" as long as we had something to eat and a place to sleep.” – Kyuntak, Minn, Peru 2011-12 Participant

"I have not traveled abroad since 1973 and found my trip to Peru to be one of the most interesting, exhilarating, historically and archaeologically, enriching, trips I could have imagined. Machu Picchu was overwhelming and thought-provoking, but our tour as a whole was excellent. It was the people of Peru and my fellow trippers that made it a trip of a lifetime! Thank you!" - Marian Wouters, Peru 2011-12 Participant


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