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The Spanish Subjunctive

What is The Spanish Subjunctive? 

Definition: The subjunctive is one of the three moods in Spanish. It is not a verb tense. It expresses the "attitude" of the speaker.

*Indicative:  Expresses facts and "real" information.                            

*Subjunctive:  Expresses hypothetical situations. It´s more subjective                         

*Imperative: Expresses commands and advice.

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Other definitions:

Why to use it: The subjunctive is needed in Spanish when it is triggered by WEIRDO verbs.

W - will and influence

E - emotions

I - impersonal expressions

R - requests and recommendations

D - doubt or denial

O - ojalá

How to use it: The following are the endings for The Present Subjunctive:

-ar verbs: e, es, e, emos, en

-er / -ir: a, as, a, amos, an

Where to use it: Use it when the statement contains at least two clauses AND there has been a change of subject AND it contains a WEIRDO verb.

For example:

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