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 Mónica Tapiarené
                 Adjunct Professor of English and Spanish

From this hour I ordain myself
loos'd of limits and imaginary lines
                           - Walt Whitman

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SPANISH 110-PART A - 3 units 
Tue. & Thu.   9:30-10:45 a.m.
Room  836

SPANISH 110-PART A - 3 units
Tue. & Thu.  1:30-2:45 p.m.
Room  836

Thursdays  11:00 - 12:00 p.m.
Office 1031 - "i"
Bldg. 1000-Faculty  Offices

La historia cuenta lo que sucedió, la poesía lo que debía suceder.
History tells what happened, poetry, what should happen.

La novela es un veneno lento y el cuento, como un navajazo.
The novel is slow death by poison, the short story, like a stabbing.
Marina Mayoral

Un Poema....

Vengo de lejos                                           I Come From Far Away

Vengo de lejos                                           I come from far away
a mostrarte el camino que ya recorrí   to show you the path
antes de tí                                                  I have already roamed before you.

Te dirán...                                                 They'll tell you that
       que no eres                                               You're not...
       que no debes                                             You should not...
       que no puedes                                           You cannot...
       que ¿para qué?                                          Why bother?

Díles...                                                       Tell them that...
       que eres                                                     You are...
       que sí debes                                                You should...
       que sí puedes                                               You can...

¿...Y que para qué?                                      What for?
        Para abrir paso                                    To make way 
                                                                         for  yourself

                                                                                 and others.
        Para dejar huella...                             To leave a mark.
        Para sembrar esperanza                    To sow the seeds of 
        Para cosechar alegría...                      To harvest

                                                                                                       - MT

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