Janice Whitmer


Please check here at least once a week. I will post any schedule changes here and new information, as well as reminders to help you stay on track throughout each course.

For your planning purposes our class times for N141 & N142 are as follows:
theory/lecture Mondays  1300-1650
skills lab/clinical tues/wed  0650-1300
theory/lecture/ seminar thurs 0800-1200

If you have completed N141 you can apply to the state for a Nurse Assistant and/or Home Health Aide Certification. Use this link to download the paperwork that will need to be sent. There are instructions included in this download. Additionally you will also need a letter from one of your instructors confirming that you have completed the necessary course work.


Make sure your email is correct on WebAdvisor. 

Refer to the ADN 2012-2014 Handbook for information regarding requirements for the program. (the handbook will be available soon and can be found on the ADN Homepage-on a link called "current students")

  • You will need to purchase a student I.D. badge required for clinicals. The $ 20.00 cost is for the entire duration of the program. Pay the money at the cashier office in the administration office and be sure to tell them it is for a new ADN nursing student badge. Bring your receipt to the Associated Student Napa Valley College(ASNVC) office (in the 1300 building) and they will take your picture and give you your badge. Please - no more than 3-4 students at a time.
  • You will need to complete the HealthStream online educational program before entering the clinical portion of your ADN program. Please go to the HealthSteam instruction site for more information. This must be completed by the first week of school  8/24/2012. 
  • You will need to show evidence of your H1N1 flu vaccination and the seasonal flu vaccination before starting clinical.