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This is one of the reasons you need to be able to efficiently and correctly calculate correct medication dosages and develop time management skills! 

Cartoon showing a nurse giving medications one at a time.

About the test procedure:
The math calculation test will be given on the third week of the semester.  A plain math calculator is provided - no cell phones or other electronic devices are allowed.  You may use scrap paper.  You must show your calculations. There are 30 questions and you will have 90 minutes to complete it. 

Test policy:
In order to meet the clinical objectives for safe medication administration you are required to pass the math calculation test with an 80% - this means you must get at least 24 correct answers.You will not be allowed to pass medications until you achieve this pass rate. As a result if you do not pass you will be unable to achieve a satisfactory clinical evaluation which is required to pass the NURS 141 course.
(Don't panic) - You may retake the test one additional time. 
There are no grades or points given for the test - it is a "pass" "fail". This means it is not included in your cumulative points for your final grade.
  1. Tips:
    You need to know conversion methods and tables. Although you cannot bring a copy into the testing room - why not write them down on your scrap paper before you start answering the questions? This will help avoid that moment of panic when all of a sudden you forget what you knew when you entered the testing room.

You will also need to know common abbreviations used in medication administration. The Ogden math text lists these for you as well as one of the sites listed below.

Practice working a variety of math practice tests and concentrate on the areas that give you the most trouble.
Math tutoring is available. Want a little help with drug doasage and calculation before the semester starts? I will soon have a link to medication math review sessions that will be offered before you are required to take the math exam. Check here for times of the review sessions. To be announced.


Resource Links:  These sites will open in a new window so just click on the X on the upper right corner of the new link's window and you will be back here again.

Excellent site if you use the dimensional anaysis method for setting up and calculating pharmacology math.

This site provides practice problems and examples of different methods of conversion.

Our own math practice site from the orientation. Shows several ways and tips for solving practice math questions.