Janice Whitmer

Online Resources

You have access to Fundamentals of Nursing online course. This is a valuable resource that you purchased with the "bundled box" from Elsevier at the bookstore. Clicking on the link below will provide instructions on how to enroll in:

Fundamentals of Nursing

Case Studies with Practice Test--Please note use www.shopelsevier.com to purchase.


These internet links provide some audio and visual aids for developing your assessment and learning skills. Be sure to listen to breath sounds. Each link will open in a new window.

  • Remember - to gain confidence and proficiency in performing physical assessments: PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE some more. If you have willing family members, significant others, etc. to serve as "patients" then listen to their heart and lung sounds. Once you can identify normal sounds, it becomes much easier to identify the abnormal ones. Be sure to review the proper use of your stethoscope in your Potter & Perry Skills textbook.

heart pumpingListen to heart sounds at this site. You can choose a variety of heart sounds and listen repeatedly until you can easily distinguish normal from abnormal. Listen carefully. When you feel that you have identified the rhythm and pattern of a normal heart sound then explore the other sounds if you want. To see and hear when the heart valves open and close this next site simplifies the first and second heart sounds and illustrates the flow of blood through the heart chambers.

Picture of a stethoscopeHear lung sounds that are normal and abnormal. You may find it helpful to close your eyes while listening. This blocks out other environmental stimuli and helps you to focus on what you are hearing.  

picture of bookworm reading a bookWant a reliable source for medical information? The Merck Manual is reliable and provides lots of information. A handy tool is the history and physical section for each main system.  Here is another great site for videos and interactive learning. Be sure to check it out!

Great site for skills videos created by an instructor at Saddleback college. 

Informative and educational series available for the assessment of the gerontological patient: Try This Series