ADN Orientation

Uniform Information


Students entering the ADN program in NURS 141 and/or 142 may purchase their uniforms from this jackLmarcus online. web page or you can purchase your uniforms from Quinn's Uniforms (see below). You may want to wait until nurse in uniformclasses start if you are ordering online because the online company offers a 10% discount and free shipping for orders of $300.00 or more. This means that groups of students could co-ordinate their orders to benefit from this discount. You will  need to have your uniforms by the fifth week of the semester.  Be sure to check the size chart before ordering. (They do run a bit on the large side).  You must purchase only the styles that are displayed.

NEW option: You can also purchase your uniforms from Quinn's Uniforms located in the Alamo Plaza Shopping Center, 814 Alamo Drive, Vacaville, CA 95688. They offer a discount to current NVC students. Note: Representatives from Quinn's uniform will be coming to campus the first week of classes. They will have sample styles & sizes to try on so you can make sure you get the right fit.  They will take your order (cash or credit card OK), and deliver the uniforms back to you at school (no more than 2 weeks) in plenty of time to have for clinicals.  They also carry the white Barco Lab coat that is displayed on the marcus website above.




  • Hunter green scrub top
  • Hunter green Polyester/cotton slacks
  • Barco White Unisex lab jacket 29115-10
  • Plain white round neck shirt (optional)
  • Hunter green scrub top
  • Hunter greeen Polyester/cotton slacks
  • Barco White Unisex lab jacket 29115-10
  • Plain white round neck t-shirt (optional)
School Logo: A green and gold college logo patch, which includes the name of the nursing program, is to be worn on the left sleeve of the scrub top and the lab jacket. Patches will be available in the book store.
Shoes:  Shoes are to be leather, all white, supportive and safe with closed heels and toes.  White socks may be worn with the pants uniform. NO high tops, canvas sneakers, or clogs are permitted.

Clinical Preparation Attire:
Attire for students going to agencies to prepare for clinical experiences will be professional and appropriate. The nursing student uniform with OR the lab jacket with name pin. Students will need a ballpoint pen with black ink, a watch with a second hand, bandage scissors, stethoscope, pen light, and a Kelly clamp. Students employed by health-care agencies may not wear the nursing student uniform or name pin at work. Please avoid wearing the uniform in public settings (restaurants, etc.)


The following guidelines are based on the principles of standard precautions and are specified for the purpose of asepsis and safety:

  • HYGIENE: Meticulous grooming and daily personal hygiene are essential due to the close proximity to patients and others. Odors of any kind may be offensive to patients. Products with strong odors must be avoided when working with patients, i.e. perfumes, tobacco, strong hair spray, aftershave, etc.

  • HAIR: Must be clean and controlled. Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be secured at the neck or worn up. Facial hair of men must be clean, neat, trimmed and worn in a manner that will not obstruct nursing activities. 

  • NAILS/MAKEUP: Make-up is to be natural and subtle. Nails must be clean, short, and manicured. Light or natural nail polish is permitted. No false or long nails are permitted.

  • GUM/SMOKING: Gum is not to be chewed in clinical. Smoking is limited to posted permitted areas only.

  • JEWELRY: A plain wedding band, wristwatch, and a single small earring post per ear lobe may be worn in clinical. No dangling or loop earrings are permitted. The student is responsible for the loss or damage of jewelry and other personal possessions.