Janice Ankenmann

HEOC 372: IV Certification

This class is a 32 hour Board approved class for Vocational Nurses who wish to be IV certified and will also serve as a refresher for RN's who wish more current practice. 

The class is open to those with a RN or VN license or those who are currently enrolled in a VN or RN program and are in their last semester (with passing grades).  The class requires attendance at all sessions, three successful "live" IV starts (we practice  with both butterflies and IV catheters) and has a written final exam.

The IV certification is class is offered once a year, in the FALL semester--- please see the school catalog for more detailed information as to dates, times, costs.


For Students who have taken the HEOC 372 class and wish to complete their application to the BVNPT, you need to send 

(1) a copy of your license (front & back)

(2) the completed application form you were given in class with the top portion completed and signed

(3) a self addressed envelope


Janice Ankenmann RN MSN       NVC  attn:HEOC                       2277 Napa Vallejo  Hwy           Napa, CA 94558