Emily Cosby

LRNS 17 Computer Composition

This is a hands-on, integrated laboratory course that will prepare you to write using the computer as preparation for higher level English classes. You will learn beginning word processing using Microsoft Office 2010 and Modern Language Association formatting (required for all English essays). In addition, you will learn to write grammatically correct sentences using rules of grammar and punctuation. This class is appropriate for students needing to develop skills necessary for higher level English classes. It is a 2 unit class that can be repeated for an additional 2 units. Different skills are learned the second time you enroll in the class. Students receive a Pass (P) or No Pass (NP) grade and not a letter grade. This is a relaxed, fun class and I always look forward to teaching it and getting to know each of my students.

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Concurrent Enrollment Recommendation

English 18 Beginning Writing


English 19 Intermediate Writing


CISA 170A Beginning Keyboarding I (Take this for a P/NP grade.)

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