Diane Van Deusen

Math 120 - Calculus 1

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Math 120 syllabus 



Exam 1 Key

Exam 2 (ch. 3) Key




Derivative practice 1

Derivative practice 2

Derivative practice 3

Derivative practice 1 solutions

Derivative practice 2 solutions

Derivative practice 3 solutions

Homework 3.8, #11 and 15 solutions

Critical values, increasing/decreasing, inflection points, concavity and L'Hopital's Rule practice

Solutions to the odd problems in the above practice


 The Greek alphabet

Unit circle worksheet. Fill in the angles in radians for both the sine and cosine for each angle.

Simplifying logs practice - Note: the solutions here are incorrect. See your instructor for correct solutions.

Solving logs and exponentials practice with solutions