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Information & Help for All Students


Regular attendance in all classes is important for satisfactory academic progress. The Napa Valley College attendance regulations make provisions for a limited number of unavoidable absences. However, a student who is absent for as many times as a class meets each week will have exhausted this provision. An instructor may request verification of those absences. Further absences may cause the instructor to drop the student from the class. Students who do not attend the first class meeting may be dropped or lose priority on the waiting list.




Napa Valley College values integrity, honor, and respect in all endeavors, both personally and professionally. Thus, the faculty at Napa Valley College wishes to help our students maintain the highest academic standards of honesty; therefore, it is expected that a student’s academic work be of his/her own making. In spite of the increased use of collaborative learning and other forms of group work (e.g., labs, study groups, group projects), it is important that each student remain accountable for his/her own work, whether it be individual work or group assignments or tests. We recognize that the vast majority of students maintain highly ethical work standards; however, failure to abide by this standard of conduct is considered to be academic dishonesty. For more information, consult your instructor or refer to the Stuent Services website at www.napavalley.edu/studentservices (select the “Student Rights and Responsibilities” section





The students, faculty, staff and administrators of Napa Valley College are expected to respect the rights of all individuals in the campus community. Every individual operating within the law is guaranteed his/her basic freedoms. Students may participate in demonstrations or protests as long as they do not prevent or restrict students, faculty members, or other employees of Napa Valley College from pursuing the normal functions essential to the well-being of the college. No person is to endanger the safety of others or the security of college property. Students are expected to obey all local,state, and federal laws and the campus regulations prescribed for the effective operation of Napa Valley College. The Standards of Student Conduct provide uniform procedures to assure due process when a student is charged with a violation of these standards. All proceedings held in accordance with these regulations shall relate specifically to an alleged violation of the established Standards of Student Conduct. Students may obtain more information on the Standards of Student Conduct by referring to the Student Services website at www.napavalley.edu/studentservices (select the “Student Rights and Responsibilities” section).




If you finish a class with a D, F or W three times, you will not be able to take that class again for at least two years. The State Chancellor's Office began enforcing this rule at the end of Spring, 2011 semester and it was retroactive! If you sign up for a class, be sure to complete it successfully!