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BIOL 240 General Zoology

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Announcements (updated 9/29/14)
Lab Exam 2 is on Monday, 10/6 at 2:00 p.m.

Field Trip to Bodega Bay is on Wednesday 10/8. We will meet at Spud Point Marina at 12:45.  Bring a lunch and check the coastal weather forecast.  Also bring your Lab 11 Field Trip assignment from your lab notebook and a portable notebook or clipboard.
Driving Directions to Spud Point Marina

Biology 240 Syllabus - Fall 2014
Zoology Labs

Lecture Outlines -  Unit 1
  01 Intro 
  02 Animal Origins 
  03 Body Plans 1 
  04-5 Evolution 
  08-9 Genetics
  10 Population Genetics

 Lecture Outlines Folder
Reading Assignments
  Ensatina Speciation 
  Bartholomew's Axioms 
 Lab Resources
  Zoology Slide Library
  Histology Slide Library
  Anatomical Models

General Zoology Student Learning Outcomes
1. Characterize the major animal phyla and compare their basic anatomy.
2. Outline the fundamental principles of Darwinian evolutionary theory.
3. Relate structure to function in the vertebrate organ systems.

class walking at bodega head


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 Zoology Links

Tree of Life
Discover Life web site
Understanding Evolution
UC Berkeley
Frog Development Stages
Salamander Locomotion

Other Links

Live Octopus Babies
from Bodega Marine Lab
Citation and Reference Format for Scientific Papers (from Allen 2000, Keene State College)