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BIOL 240 General Zoology


Professor Clemens's dog Marco, Phylum Chordata 
Marco says: "I am a bilateral, deuterostome, chordate, tetrapod, amniote, eutherian carnivore." 

BIOL 240 General Zoology
Student Learning Outcomes

1. Characterize the major animal phyla and compare their basic anatomy.
2. Articulate the principles of Darwinian evolutionary theory.
3. Relate structure to function in the vertebrate organ systems.

Zoology Links

Tree of Life  Discover Life website
Understanding Evolution
   UC Berkeley
Mass Extinction abridged article
Mass Extinction article (full version)
Guppy Evolution Cartoon
   Guppy Guppy Evolution website
Guppy Experiments Overview
   McGraw-Hill biology resources
Ensatina Speciation
   T. DeVitt, UC Berkeley
Frog Development Stages
Fish Ventilation Video
Salamander Locomotion
   Biorobotics Laboratory
Yellow-legged Frog Reintroduction 
   Amphibian Survival Alliance
Thermoregulation and Energetics
    Cal Poly

Other Links
Live Octopus Babies
from Bodega Marine Lab
Citation Reference Format for Scientific Papers (from Allen 2000, Keene State College)