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Biology 112 Introduction to Ecology


Ecologists in Training...and you will learn in more detail that you are major consumers of Planet Earth.

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Text: Environment, Raven Berg, 6th or 7th  Edition.

COURSE Information

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 Course Overview

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 Families Around the World Research

 Families Around the World Analysis

 Natural Selection Data

 Environ Impact Template

 Eco Footprint Data
 Eco Footprint Presentation Template
 Eco Footprint Example

Lecture Outlines

 Ch 01 Environmental Science

 Ch 2 Laws, Economics and Ethics

 Ch 3 Ecosystems and Energy

 Ch 4  Ecosystems and Physical Environment

  Ch 5 Ecosystems and Life

 Ch 6 BIOMES of our Planet

 Ch 7 Human Health / Environmental Toxicology 

 Ch 8 Human Population and Change

 Ch 9 Urbanization

 Ch 10 Energy

 Ch 11 Fossil Fuels

 Ch 12 Nuclear and Renewable Fuels

 Ch 13 Water

 Ch 21 Water Pollution

 Ch 22 Pest Management and Issues

 Ch 17 Land

 Ch 14 Soil

 Ch 15 Minerals

 Ch 17 Land

 Ch18 Food Resources

 Ch 19 Atmosphere Pollution

 CH 20 Atmosphere Changes

 Ch 23 Pesticides

 Ch 24 Sustainability


 Example Miderm Exam 1 Chapters 1 - 6

 Example Midterm Exam 2 Chapters 7-13, 21, 22

 Example Final Exam Chapters 1 - 24