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Bring your Tablet / Laptop and Memory Stick to every class session. Download all course content to your Laptop, Tablet, or workstation. First, Save and then Open each file there. Save the original and revised copies as a back up to your Memory Stick....or your Google Drive!


The Grade Status is up to date. Some rankings have changed!

PDF's and PPT's of Lectures of the CV System are available for downloading. It gets more challenging from here-on with greater complexity and more details. So, please notice, [i.e., make use of] the Perfect Outline for each topic. These outlines are from a different Text, Tortora; the Tortora chapter numbers are different, but the content for each chapter is consistent. These Chapter Outlines are numbered in harmony with our Text and include the letter T in the number. They are excellent study guides and excellent Example Tests.

Rank on Midterm Lab Exam 2
1 Rachael
2 Ian and Jonathan  TIE
3 Marilu
4 Andrea, Emily and Matt   TIE
5 Gerardo and Philip   TIE

Rank on Midterm Lecture Exam
1 Jaynee
2 Cathy
3 Emily
4 Matt and Rachael   TIE
5 Andrea

Lectures are available for download as PDF and PPTX files. Caution, PPTX files may take 1 to several minutes to download based on your device and internet connection speeds.                                      


WEDNESDAY 141022 Grubs or Scrubs, No Flip Flops Jayneeeee, Hair Up and back like Phillip's.
4:30 PM Open Lab
5:00 PM Blood Cytology MS
5:30 PM Blood Vessel Histology MS
5:45 PM Break
6:00 PM Grade Status and Revised Calendar

6:15 PM Review Midterm 2 Exam Answers
6:45 PM CVS Overview
7:30 PM Break
7:45 PM Dissection of the Heart
8:35 PM TEAM Heart Quiz, 4 - 5 Identifications 25 Points
9:05 PM Lab Clean Up

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Download outlines prior to lecture as a guide for your personal note taking to your Laptop, Tablet or Computer.

Martini... Other chapters will publish at appropriate times

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General Anatomy

Project Assignments

Histopathlogy Compendium Template
...Example 1...coming soon
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Brodmann Region's of the Brain Template

Anatomical Pathology Template
...Celiac Disease Example
...Breast Cancer
...Bacterial Infection Eleph



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