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Rank on Combined Midterm Exam's 1
1. Rachael
2. Emily
3. Jaynee
4. Ian
5. Cathy

A revised Grade Status is available.

Enjoy your free and happy weekend!
Although, the good children will probably read ahead [Muscles], review PAL 2.0 or 3.0 [Cat Muscles], surf the web for Cat Dissection Videos and work on their Histopathology Compendia. Good children don't really have a life outside of the study of Anatomy.

Lectures are available for download as PDF and PPTX files. Caution, PPTX files may take 1 to several minutes to download based on your device and internet connection speeds.                                      


MONDAY 140922 Grubs or Scrubs, Hair up and back, No Flip Flops!
4:30 PM Open Lab - Muscle Models
5:00 PM Correct Answers to MLX 1
5:10 PM Review Grade Status
5:20 PM Lecture Muscle Overview
6:15 PM Break  
6:35 PM DSXN Tools and Techniques
7:00 PM Identify, Name and Skin Your CAT
7:30 PM Dorsal Trunk Musculature - Expose and Define PAL 3.0
8:30 PM Team LQZ 35 Points: 15 DSXN Quality, 20 Muscle ID
9:00 PM Lab Clean Up
9:20 PM Lab Closes


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Histopathlogy Compendium Template
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Brodmann Region's of the Brain Template

Anatomical Pathology Template
...Celiac Disease Example
...Breast Cancer
...Bacterial Infection Eleph