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Biol 105 Human Biology

Syllabus Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Grades Tuesday Lab Section
Spring 2014 Grades Thursday Lab Section

Human Biology Student learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the major organ systems in humans.
2. Apply the principles of inquiry-based scientific method to the writing of a formal laboratory report.

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Power Point Handouts
 Unit 1  Unit 2  Unit 3         Unit 4  
 Intro & Sci Method  Cells  Skeletal   Blood
  Chemistry  DNA & Protein  Nervous1   Cardiovascular
 Bio Molecules  Cell Respir.  Nervous2  Immune Disease 
  Tissue Body Org & Skin  Nervous3  Respiratory
   Muscular  Digestive
     Endocrine  Urinary

Audio of Lecture    
 Unit 1  Unit 2    Unit 3    Unit 4   
 Jan 23 (no recording)  Feb 13  Mar 18 none Apr 22
 Jan 27 Lab  Feb 18-Exam  Mar 20-Exam Mitosis Lab
 Jan 30   Lab  Feb 20  Apr 1 Apr 24-Exam
  Feb 4  Feb 25  Apr 3  Apr 29
  Feb 6  Feb 27  Apr 8  May 1
  Feb 11  Mar 4 no audio  Apr 10  May 6
   Mar 6  Apr 15  May 8


 Mar 11

 April 17  May 13
 Mar 13 Endocrine Lect May 15
    May 20
May 22-Exam

Lab Handouts  
Impt Concepts for lab Exams Cell Division 
Microscope Mitosis Slides
Measurements Mitosis Models
Bio Molecules Genetics
Cells Cell Slides Blood Cells Cardio Handout 1
Tissues  Tissue Slides Cardio Handout 2
Skeletal Skeletal (Large Picts) Sheep Heart Dissection Video
Pig Dissection Blood Slides

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Greetings Human Bio Students!

The 3rd lecture exam will be on April 24th.  The material from the Endocrine lecture will be on the April 24th exam.

Mastering Biology has been set up.  I have set enrollment to 'Open' so you should be able to sign up.  the Course ID Number is: MBMOORE79963

Anyone interested in being a Note-taker for this class, please contact Beverly Wirtz in the Special Services office.  Her phone # is: 253-3082.

Dr. Moore

Mitosis YouTube Video
Meiosis YouTube Video

Chemistry/Metrics HW