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Biol 105 Human Biology

Syllabus Fall 2014

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Human Biology Student learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the major organ systems in humans.
2. Apply the principles of inquiry-based scientific method to the writing of a formal laboratory report.

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Power Point Handouts
 Unit 1  Unit 2  Unit 3         Unit 4  
Intro & Sci Method Cells  Skeletal   Blood
Chemistry DNA & Protein  Nervous1   Cardio
Bio Molecules Cell Respir.  Nervous2  Immune  
  Tissue Body Org & Skin  Muscular  Respiratory
   Endocrine  Digestive

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 Unit 1

 Unit 2  

 Unit 3  

 Unit 4   




 10/7 neuro

  10/7 skeletal

Nov 6



Sept 11-Exam

 Oct 9-Exam

Mitosis lab



Sept 16 



Nov 13-Exam




Nov 4  Genetics







Nov 18





 Oct 23

Nov 20




 Oct 28

Nov 25



 Oct 30





Lab Handouts  
Impt Concepts for lab Exams Cell Division 
Microscope Mitosis Slides
Measurements Mitosis Models
Bio Molecules Genetics
Cells Cell Slides Blood Cells Cardio Handout 1
Tissues  Tissue Slides Cardio Handout 2
Skeletal Skeletal (Large Picts) Sheep Heart Dissection Video
Pig Dissection Blood Slides

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Greetings Human Bio Students!

This week we will complete the material that will be covered on the next lecture exam.  Make sure that you are keeping up with your studying.

Remember: Supplemental instruction meets 3 times per week.

Danielle is available for tutoring by appointment.

Check out the quizzes on the Goodenough website!

Mastering Biology Course ID Number is: MBMOORE79963

Dr. Moore

Mitosis YouTube Video
Meiosis YouTube Video