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Amanda Badgett, Professor of Art History

I have been teaching at Napa Valley College since 2003, first as an adjunct and then in 2008, as a full-time Art History instructor.  I received my undergraduate degree from the College of William and Mary in Virginia and did my graduate work at Columbia University.  My scholarly interests include the interesection of architecture and identity, as well as the ways in which monuments and landscape shape our ideas of loss and memory.

Below are the courses offered for FALL 2013.  Click on any of the links below to access my webpage, where you will find the course syllabus, lecture guides, and relevant images for each class.

ARTH 105   Art History: Prehistoric to Medieval      MW 9:30-10:45

ARTH 110   History of Graphic Design                     MW 11:00-12:15

ARTH 180   History of Photography                        T/TH 9:30-10:45

ARTH 106   Art History: Renaissance                     T/TH 11-12:15

to Contemporary   

Napa Valley College offers a diverse selection of Art History courses, providing the student with a broad understanding of material culture from Africa to the Middle East to Europe and the Americas.  With the AA-T  in Art History a student can build a foundation for further work at a four-year institution.  Degrees in Art History can lead to work in contexts as varied as the college classroom, the museum, galleries, or auction houses.  As a discipline known for rigoruous writing and researching skills, Art History also provides a strong foundation for the Law, Library Science, and research of all kinds.

 To access ARTstor, an image database (registration from an NVC computer required), click here

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Art History Classroom: 3706