LLRC Student Success Center

Dear Faculty & Students:

We are rolling out our Student Success Center in the Library this fall with eleven workshops to help students
gain the skills necessary to navigate the demands of college life. We encourage NVC faculty to assign one or more  of these workshops as part of your course requirement(s) to ensure that students take advantage of these offerings.  The workshops are described in detail below.  Each 50 minute workshop includes a lesson, student activity, and assessment.  Workshop presenters handle all aspects of the workshop, including scoring/
grading the student activity and sharing the results with you.  Workshops can be scheduled during
class time and are held in the LLRC/Library classroom.  There will also be a calendar of weekly scheduled
workshops posted online so that students can self-select a topic of interest.  An online sign-up form is available for students to sign-up individually.   In the latter case, assessment results will be kept on file alphabetically by student last name and made available to instructors who assign workshop attendance as a course requirement.

As we build our Student Success Center, we are eager to evolve it so that it meets students' needs
and takes advantage of our faculty's talents and strengths.  If you have an interest in participating
as an instructor in the existing workshops below, let us know.  Together, we can create a foundation
for student success!

               Request a Workshop  (Faculty:  Use this form for entire class)

                   Request a Workshop (Students: Use this form to sign-up individually --Please note 3 or more students must sign up for particular workshop to be offered)

                    Calendar for Student Success Workshops

                                Library and Learning Resources Information Booklet 
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          Library Student Success Center Workshops

View of first floor of the library

                       How to be a College Student:  Using Information Resources Effectively 

Introduction to the Library
This workshop introduces students to the basics in how to use the library including library hours,
how to obtain a library card, the librarian's role; and physical resources available to all students
(e.g. book collection, computers, copy center, media viewing rooms, etc.).

Introduction to Research
Learn how to use the SNAP system to find a book and other library materials, order materials through
inter-library loan, as well as gain an understanding of information sources found in the reference section
of the library.  Students are introduced to general encyclopedias and  subject-specific encyclopedias to
gain background information as well as how to use a book index effectively.

Online Databases:  Powerful Tools You'll Want to Know About
In this workshop, students will learn to differentiate between general databases and subject-specific
databases for their information need(s).  In addition, we will cover article abstracts versus full-text
articles as well as the difference between scholarly and popular sources of information.

Advanced Research
Welcome to the world of controlled vocabularies and keyword searching!  This workshop covers the
importance of subject headings in navigating information sources and gives students a working
knowledge of how information is organized and retrieved.  Tools for evaluating sources
(including websites) are learned and practiced.

Citing Your Sources
Avoid plagiarism using these well-known methods of incorporating others' work into your own
writing:  paraphrasing, summarizing, and direct quoting.  Parenthetical citation is dis cussed using MLA format.

MLA Deconstructed
Learn the "ins" and "outs" of writing a works cited page using correct MLA format.

Writing the Research Paper in 15 Easy Steps
This workshop demystifies the task of writing a research paper.  Follow these 15 steps to create a
well-organized research paper.

                                                     Time Management & Test Taking

Time Management Strategies
Too many irons in the fire and not enough time to get everything done?  Take this workshop to learn
proven methods to allocate your time more effectively.

How to Take a Test
This workshop focuses on overcoming test anxiety and provides students with techniques for
answering multiple choice, short answer and essay questions.

Pen and book

                                 Study Skills, Learning Styles & Reading Improvement

Study Skills
This workshop covers note-taking using Cornell notes and strategies for finding the main idea/
supporting details in written materials.  The benefits of study groups are also explored.

Memory Boosters
Students identify their learning style and gain techniques for putting information into long-term
memory.  Tools such as mnemonics are also covered.

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