Institutional Technology

Strategic Vision and Goals


IT Strategy & Planning


Technology is no longer limited to simply improving various business processes. Technology is instead becoming more and more strategically as well as fundamentally important to an organization’s success. Successful organizations must differentiate their strategies and models, and then identify how IT can add value to those endeavors. Organizational planning should examine how IT can shape and support these strategies.

IT strategy needs to align with our institution’s strategy and goals. As technology and the NVC’s institutional needs continue to grow and evolve, so should our strategic plan. For IT strategies to be successful, we must: 

Understand our institution’s priorities and allocate resources and structure IT to support them.

Advocate efficient use and management of our resources through wise use of technology and multiyear fiscal planning which provides stability and supports longer-term IT management strategies.

• Establish institutional technology standards that ensure interoperability of systems and reduced costs.

• Establish centralized purchasing guidelines to support conformity to standards utilizing preferred vendors to simplify procurement, secure discount pricing, and streamline technology support.

Enable the acquisition of additional IT resources such as user fees, technology grants, and partnerships through the innovative use and promotion of technology.

• Establish and ensure reasonable, fair, and equitable funding mechanisms and processes.

• Plan and leverage technology assets not only for improving institutional efficiencies and cost savings, but to motivate and increase student success.

IT Goals:

  • Support the campus mission through adaptive and innovative use of technology.
  • Achieve the alignment of technology and innovation with institutional goals.
  • Provide a robust, reliable, and secure technology infrastructure.
  • Procure, provision, and refresh new, cost-effective technologies to the keep the campus community effective, current, and competitive.
  • Assist and empower functional areas and organizational units across campus to best integrate technology in order to improve efficiencies, self-reliance, and success.
  • Update IT organizational structure; fill position vacancies.
  • Update service level agreements with users and functional areas.
  • Provide network infrastructure and enterprise system documentation.
  • Provide a seamless helpdesk that promotes comprehensive service to the campus.
  • Update, develop, and proactively communicate institutional policies and sanctions related to technology.


Link to:   NVC IT Framework

               IT Roadmap - As requested by and presented to the NVC Board of Trustees can be found in the
                                     February 22, 2012 Board packet (p.136-154).