Social Media Procedures

Social Media Procedures


The use of online social networking/media has become a common manner for individuals and groups to maintain communications. Recognizing that social networking/media sites are being used by faculty and staff in their capacity as NVC employees, the District is committed to ensuring these sites are a positive forum for sharing information.


Social networking sites or media includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter or other networking sites that use SMS text or mobile technologies. All genres of social networking sites or media will be referred to as social media.


NVC employees are responsible for the content they post to social media. The District will not indemnify employees for anything they write or post on any social media associated with the college.

For NVC Coursework: It is recommended that Faculty notify Office of Instruction if they intend to use social media to enhance instruction for an NVC course or course section they are instructing. Faculty utilizing social media to enhance instruction can act as their own site administrator in accordance with these procedures.

For NVC Divisions/Departments: Social media for a division or department requires prior approval from the division chair or department administrator. An email or written proposal or approval will suffice. Social media for NVC divisions and departments will have a minimum of two site administrators assigned. If a site administrator leaves the college, the department administrator will assign another in their place.

For NVC Clubs and Organizations: Social media for student clubs and organizations cannot be affiliated with NVC without prior approval from the college club sponsor. Social media for student clubs and organizations should have two site administrators who are college employees. Those site administrators can optionally authorize and assign student site administrator(s), and revoke those privileges if the student site administrator(s) is not acting in accordance with these procedures.

The site administrator(s) shall post their name and a contact method prominently on the site.  


Site administrators for social media agree to check their pages regularly.

The following types of content are prohibited from NVC social media and shall be removed immediately by the site administrator upon discovery:

(A) Derogatory language or demeaning statements about or threats to any third party

(B) Inappropriate or incriminating images depicting sexual harassment, vandalism, stalking, drinking, drug use, criminal activity, or other inappropriate behavior

(C) Inappropriate language

(D) Content that violates state or federal law

(E) Partisan political activity

(F) Online gambling  

(G) Information that is obscene or untrue

(H) Obscene image(s) or content

(I) Content that harasses third parties

(J) Postings that offer goods or services for personal financial profit

(K) Personal communications or social relationships unrelated to NVC business  

(L) Material protected by copyright

Safety Tips for Social Networking Sites