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As new training materials are developed for our ongoing web site conversion,

they will be posted here for review. 


Get help: Learn how to use the Web publishing features of SharePoint on the Napa Valley College Website with the below step-by-step procedures and tips and tricks. Note: All linked files below are Adobe PDF files.




Tips & Tricks



SharePoint "On Demand" Videos

Couldn't make any of the SharePoint training sessions? Did you go but forget already?  Have no fear... SharePoint On Demand is here. The below videos are narrated screen casts and cover all of the concepts from the SharePoint Primer classs--plus bonus footage!

How to Sign In
Covers how to sign in to the NVC Website (SharePoint).
 Watch Video (4min 30 sec)

Getting Started
Includes a brief tour of the SharePoint Web publishing environment and how to create and publish your home page.
 Watch Video (10min 45 sec)

Working with Pages
Learn how to create new Web pages, use the Pages Library, run the spell checker, and manage page settings.
 Watch Video (9min 30 sec)