Institutional Technology

Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines

Important announcement for college employees

AP 3720 Computer and Network Use Procedures
District procedures adopted by the Board of Trustees in March, 2007 posted here for accessibility.

BP 3720 Computer Use Policy Enacted 2006
District policy posted here for accessibility.

NVC Password Standards
Click on the link above to view NVC's password standards.

Campus Technology Plan
This link takes you to the Campus Planning site where you can view the NVC Technology plan and various other campus plans.

Network Account Termination Procedures
This document describes the procedures used to expire network accounts. It has been designed to achieve security objectives with minimal disruption to users.

Requests for Comments-Procedures

  In the spirit of shared governance and fostering collaboration, IT strives to keep the campus community informed and involved in the development of procedures related to campus technology in order to optimize quality, consensus, acceptance, understanding, adoption, and implementation. Draft procedures in the request for comments phase are posted below as an opportunity to solicit feedback as well as introduce, analyze, and discuss our goals, policies, and procedures. These procedures are based on standards and best practices intended to ensure that the best interests of the campus community are served. We therefore recommend using them as guidelines until such time they are formally adopted by NVC.

Security Procedures  

Social Media Procedures

Email Use Procedures

Mobile Device Procedures

Data Classification and Access Standards


Prioritization of Technology Initiatives

The current process for prioritizing technology initiatives begins with PEP and/or the annual unit plans (Schedule E request form), followed by the subsequent request forms posted on the IT web site (see below). Additionally technology initiatives may emerge up through DITC, CORE, or TEC.

Units complete Schedule E with technology needs. Smaller items like new/additional software, computers, phones, and printers, would be included campus-wide bulk purchase based on priorities and available funds. Larger initiatives would move to phase 2 and be reviewed by the appropriate committee. For example a new instructional lab would go through DITC, a new Datatel module through CORE, and so on. TEC developed several criteria based on urgency, compliance, cost, benefit, need, etc. If the initiative makes it to phase 3, TEC then takes recommendations to president’s cabinet for review/approval and through the senates if necessary.

Technology Request Form, Evaluation and Implementation Survey - Second Phase

This form is a second phase of technology requests made during the Program Evaluation and Planning process. The form is submitted to the District Instructional Technology Committee if instructional in nature, otherwise it is submitted to the Technology Executive Committee for review.

Technology Request Form, TEC Review - Third Phase

This form is designed to be completed as a third phase to technology initiatives. The principal(s) of the project will work with a designee from IT appointed by the Information Technology Director to further delineate the project. This information is to be used to prioritize projects and help ensure success.

It is recommended NVC continue the integration of technology planning into the campus budget and planning structure. In addition, the campus should avoid ad-hoc technology decisions and purchases. Instead evaluate and pursue initiatives that align with PEP and/or the annual unit plans as well and campus technology plans.