Institutional Technology


Forms for Datatel and network access, and software requests:

Academic Software Request Form

Datatel Access Procedures
Please read this first in order to understand the process by which Datatel access is established.

Datatel New User Authorization Form
This form is filled out in partnership with Datatel module leader(s) and signed by the supervisor.

Datatel User Security Change Form
Use this form to request changes in Datatel access.

Network Access Request Form

Information Security Agreement

Technology Request Form - Second Phase

Please complete this form as a second phase to technology requests made during the Program Evaluation and Planning process.   Submit form to the District Instructional Technology Committee if instructional in nature, otherwise submit to the Technology Executive Committee.  

Technology Request Form - Third Phase 

This form is designed to be completed as a third phase to technology initiatives.  The principal(s) of the project will work with a designee from IT appointed by the IT Dean to further delineate the project.  This information is to be used to prioritize projects and help ensure success.