NVC 70th Anniversary

NVC History - People Stories

PEOPLE make the history of Napa Valley College—faculty members who inspire
students, and those classified staff members and administrators who often work behind
the scenes. The dedicated members of the Board of Trustees, the Foundation and other
members of the community who support the college are also key to the history.  

(The stories included here are only a small part of the history of Napa Valley College...a starting point. We acknowledge the many others who also made significant contributions and hope more stories will be added over time.)

Myrna Abramowicz
Student and trustee

Dorothy Farber Braid
NVC's first graduate

John Charlesworth
Sharing the stars

Dolores Fischer & George Boyet
Started at the old campus

Child Development Center Founders
Betty Hagedorn & Peg Carey
Jen Terrace & Virginia Murdoff Grover

Carole Kent
Keni Kent
Child & Family Studies, Social Sciences & Tasmanian travelers

Dr. Stephen Krebs
The roots of Viticulture and Winery Technology

Ange Moreno
From athlete to alumni president

Karen Scriven
Helping students, celebrating Halloween

Dave Settle
Printer worked behind the scenes

Dr. Ed Shenk
Longest tenure in Student Services

Nadine Wade-Gravett
A salute to Athletics History

Doris Zylinski
Community, graduates benefit from Health Occupations