NVC 70th Anniversary

Celebrate NVC's 70th Anniversary

Napa Valley College celebrates its 70th Anniversary

We hope you enjoy this look at the college’s history. The stories posted here represent only a tiny fraction of all those who have contributed to the college and to the community over the years.

College faculty, administrative and classified staff, and students are making history daily!  It is hoped this will be a “living history” with stories and photos added as time and resources allow. If you have stories or photos to contribute to this ongoing effort please send them electronically to Nancy McEnery  in the Library (nmcenery@napavalley.edu). 

It was my honor to organize the college’s 50th and 60th Anniversary Celebrations and now, with the 70th Anniversary year underway as I retire, I would like to acknowledge writer Natalie Hoffman and graphic designer Jan Schaefer for their help with this project. Some of the photos are scanned in historic file photos; more recent photos were taken by Community Relations staff (Richard Bruns and I) and I would also like to acknowledge Richard’s contributions to the effort to document college history.
The college newsletters produced during his tenure also record college history, and newsletter archives are available on this site.

Finally, this project would not have been possible without the vision, inspiration and support of retired Prof. Dolores Fischer.
Her work, which started with the 50th Anniversary,  is also reflected on these pages.

Betty Malmgren
Director, Community Relations
Napa Valley College
October 2012


Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane...

Stroll down “Memory Lane” with us! The year was 1942. The population of Napa was just over 7,000. Napa Junior College
was established in what Dr. Harry McPherson often described as a profound statement of optimism by the community.
Dr. Mac had spearheaded a wildly successful bond campaign in which the Napa community gave a resounding 90%
approval to the establishment of a junior college. The college started as part of the Napa Union High School district
under the same roof. The district was operated on a 6-4-4 plan.

The dedication of the 1942 yearbook The Napanee read: "To the faculty, the school board, P.T.A., and all the citizens of Napa
who are making the Napa Junior College possible, we the Associated Students of Napa Union High, dedicate our yearbook.
By continuing their plans even though our country is at war, they have proved their faith in us and in the future."

We hope you will enjoy the images that follow from our scrapbook.  Please use links below to learn more about our history.

People Stories, click here     Department History, click here.