Spring 2013 Late Add Community Ed Classes 

      Late Add Classes for Community Education - Spring 2013

    1)Water X & Fun
    This shallow and deep water workout includes dynamic style exercises with variations of upper and lower body movement.  You will jog, kick, push, pull and jump through the water to create resistance and improving cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.  This class is designed for both swimmers and non-swimmers to give you a gentle way to exercise joints and muscles pain free.  This class is designed for both swimmers and non-swimmers to give you a gentle way to exercise joints and muscles pain free.  Students will participate in aerobic activity, stretching, and yoga type movements in the pool that will utilize aquatic exercise equipment including aqua steps, medicine balls, stretch bands, kick boards, buoyancy body bars, noodles, and weights.  As the participant, you determine your own intensity by deciding how hard to manipulate the water. Pre-registration is required. 
    #64077  March 4-May 22
    $132      Main Campus, Pool, Napa 
    MW, 6-7:30pm, Tedesco

     2)Swim for Fun and Fitness
    This 12 week course will be a fun and fitness swimming class that will provide a workout and stroke instruction.  Open to students who are water safe, can tread water in deep end of pool, and have some knowledge of the competitive strokes. Pre-registration is required.
    #64078  March 4-May 24
    $198      Main Campus, Pool, Napa
    MWF, 11am-12pm, Garibaldi

     3)Swimming Technique and Fitness
    This 12 week course is designed to improve basic aquatic skills (e.g. crawl stroke, back stroke, breast stroke) and provide lifelong fitness through increased endurance and knowledge gained about the major components of a workout. Pre-registration is required.
    #64079  February 26-May 23
    $144      Main Campus, Pool, Napa 
    TTH, 12-1pm, Stacy

     Yoga: family friendly and fun at both campuses from the UVC

     Yoga: Introduction
    An introduction to yoga including basic postures, breathing, meditation, chanting, philosophy and healthy food choices. Emphasis: working with the body safely to promote strength and well-being while still working toward traditional postures. All classes: brief lecture, handouts, mostly doing yoga. Goal: Experience the essence of yoga/essence of oneself. Bring a yoga mat and blanket or large towel. Pre-registration is required.
    #63951 January 24-March 14
    $72        Upper Valley Campus, Rm 5
    Thur, 5:30-6:45pm, Dietz

    Yoga for Improved Health

    Mary Walter has worked in clinical medicine for over 20 years. She has a BS in health science and is a licensed physician assistant. She has a special interest in health education and preventive medicine.

    Are you overweight, out of shape, feeling stiff and achy or stressed out? Do you know you should be getting some exercise and eating better, but aren’t sure where or how to begin. Start here, start now! This class will include: gentle yoga postures to increase strength and flexibility and improve balance; breath work and deep relaxation exercises to decrease stress; basic nutrition information; and health education, examining how life style choices impact our health. This class is suitable for older beginners and all students new to yoga. All yoga is done at one’s own pace, and proper alignment of all basic postures will be taught. This class can be taken alone, although students will further benefit by taking the Thursday morning class as well. Wear loose clothing or tights and bring a yoga mat, blanket or thick towel and a long strap. Pre-registration is required.
    #63782  January 29-May 7
    $85        (no class 3/25)
    Upper Valley Campus, Rm 9AB 
     Tue, 8:30-10am, Walter

    #63783  Sept 14-Nov 16
    $50        (No Class 3/25) 
     Main Campus, Rm 607
    Wed, 5:30-7:00 pm, Walter