New African American Literature class 

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    New class on Survey of African American Literature

    A new class, English 225 - Survey of African American Literature, is being offered this fall at Napa Valley College. Walk-in registration is in progress. Fall classes start Aug. 20.

    This course examines African American prose, poetry, and fiction of the early oral tradition through the Harlem Renaissance. It provides a basic understanding of the cultural, intellectual, artistic, political, historical, and economic trends this era embodies.

    It is offered Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 to 2:45 p.m. with instructor Prof. Eileene Tejada.

     This course satisfies the NVC general education requirement for Humanities and is a CSU transferable course. A prerequisite is English 120 with a minimum grade of C or better.

    See for the fall schedule and registration information.