Multi-media Art Exhibit Upper Valley Campus 

    Art Students Give Their Souls to a Vision
    A special Multi-media Art Exhibit features new works by the students of Theo Fabian Becker, teacher at Napa Valley College since 1996.  “This show reflects the marvelous diversity in artistic expression,” announced Theo. “It is also a tribute to the hard work of all the artists, who each week give their souls to their vision.”

    The exhibit is held at Napa Valley College, Upper Valley Campus at 1088 College Avenue in St. Helena. An Artists’ Reception will be held Wednesday, May 9 from 6 to 9 pm at the Upper Valley campus. The exhibit continues through May 30.

    Accolades from students in Painting Workshop held at NVC Upper Valley Campus: “This is a wonderful, mixed media art class, a great mix of people, and brilliant instruction by Theo Becker!” exclaimed Jim Kozier who takes this class.
    “I have found what I have always searched for,” explained Heidi Brock.  “It’s belief in my own art and painting!”

    “This class fosters path changes,” added Carol Dick, who is also in the class. “Theo Becker knows all media and moves from table to table, critiquing each work. She has a keen eye, an artist's understanding. The floor to ceiling windows, nearby chickens and culinary class gardens, and halls filled with art make a lovely setting.”

    " The class brings out the best in each artist, and it's fun to see how many different expressions are brought to the class and the exhibit, " added Jane Meyers.

    Teacher Theo has a vision: “Paintings take on a life of their own, often leading the artist in unexpected directions. One must learn to follow as well as to lead, depending upon the situation. It’s a lot like life, practicing, making mistakes, fixing them, and ultimately trusting your inner voice.”

    Exhibiting Artists
    Debra Austin
    David Blough, Sr.
    Heidi Brock
    Jeannine Burns
    Jean Cullinane
    Carol Dick
    Jim Kozier
    Don Maxcy
    Peggy McConnell
    Jane Meyers
    Yvonne Piper
    Joanie Seidel 

    The “Painting Workshop” will be offered again next semester, beginning May 30 through July 18.  For more information call NVC Upper Valley Campus at 707-967-2901 or go to the website under Upper Valley Community Education: