Humans vs. Zombies 

    Humans Vs. Zombies Event on Campus
    November 5 - 8, 2012 

    There will be an activity on campus during the week of November 5 called Humans vs. Zombies (aka HvZ).  This is the second year that members of our student clubs have organized this event of tag. This is a very popular game played on several college campuses throughout the United States. The Napa Valley College HvZ Club will be running their game starting on Monday, November 5 and finishing on Thursday, November 8. The HvZ Club has worked with several groups here on campus to promote Health and Safety services events and recently entertained at the NVC Alumni Event at the Oxbow.

    The following bullet points will give you a basic idea of how this game will be played on campus.

    ·         A 4-day campus wide Game of Tag played with Nerf guns to disable zombies.

    ·         The Nerf guns must be stored away when attending classes and all Nerf guns must look non-realistic.

    ·         All participants MUST attend an Orientation, Rules and Safety Workshop before the game starts to be able to participate.

    ·         No-play Zones (aka Safety Zones) are areas where the game is NOT ALLOWED to be played like the hallways of buildings, classrooms, Gym, Library, bathrooms and the parking lots.

    ·         Game playing cannot take place within 10 feet of a building entrance.

    ·         Non-registered participants are NOT allowed to interact with the game.

    ·         Moderators (Game Coordinators) will be wearing identifiable Shirts and/or ID tags.

    The HvZ crew is looking forward to a successful game and will insure that there are no disruptions to the flow of classes and/or to non-participating students. After meeting with the HvZ Planning Committee, I am confident that they understand the importance of relaying these guidelines and rules to participants and will abide by our agreement.  With Halloween being rained out yesterday, I’m glad this event will allow students to have some fun on campus.  This is what Student Life and Student Involvement is all about!

    If you have any questions, please contact Benjamin Quesada, Interim Coordinator of Student Life, at 256-7341 or