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Business and Computer Studies

Welcome to the BCS Division

Dean of Career Technical Education (Business & Computer Studies)
Vacant due to retirement

Division Secretary
Stacy Hitchcock
(707) 256-7258
3300 Bldg. (CTE/EWD/SBDC between Welding & Ceramics on Roy Patrick Dr.)

Full-Time Faculty

Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Studies and Office Administration Coordinator Positions:
Vacant Fall 2016

Merrick McKeig
Hospitality & Tourism Management Project Coordinator
(707) 256-7497
873 (3rd Floor, 800 bldg.)
Instructor of Hospitality Courses
Faculty Web Page

Robert Miller
(707) 256-7755
1031H (Faculty Offices)

Instructor of Computer Studies
Faculty Web Page

Adjunct Faculty

Cathy Balach-BUSI

Scott Butler-ACCT

Robert Derbin-BUSI

Jason Diaz-BUSI

Jeremy Ecklin-BUSI

Valerie Exum-CISA

Fayez El Giheny-ACCT

Harvey Gullickson-BUSI

Charles Gravett-BUSI

Jeanine Hawk-BUSI

Janice Klemz-CISA/COMS

Zenia Laxa-COMS/CISA

LaDawn Meade-CISA/COMS

Suzanne Murphy-CISA

Rafael Rey-ACCT

Claudette Shatto-BUSI

Slayton-Amey, LaVonne-BUSI/CISA

Lisa Snedeker-CISA