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Digital Design Graphics Technology

3D Printer

Vouchers can be purchased at the NVC bookstore for $8 a cubic inch of material.

ABS Plastic Example 1

ABS Plastic Example 2

ABS Plastic Example 3

DDGT students learn to create files for rapid prototyping.  Students work in 3D to check for clearances and possible interferences in their assemblies before "printing" their files in ABS Plastic which the students get to keep and showcase thier work.

Dimension 768 SST
Product Specifications
Automatic Operation:

Catalyst® EX software automatically imports STL files, orients the part, slices the file, generates support structures (if necessary), and creates a precise deposition path to build your ABS model.  Multiple models can be packed within the build envelope to maximize efficiency.  Catalyst® EX provides queue management capabilities, build time, material status and system status information.  Dimension 3D Printers run unattended and provide system and build status information via e-mail, pager, or the Internet.

Build Size:
Maximum size 203 x 203 x 305 mm
(8 x 8 x 12 inches)

ABS plastic in standard white, blue, yellow, red, green or steel gray colors.

Support Structures and Removal:
Catalyst® EX software automatically creates any needed support structures to complete the part.  Dimension SST offers a soluble support removal process for hands-free model completion.

Layer Thickness:
.245 mm (.010 in.) or .33 mm. (.013 in.) of precisely deposited ABS and support material.