Educational Talent Search (Pre-College)

Middle School Component

Students from the following middle schools may apply to the ETS program; however, recruitment is primarily conducted at the 6th Grade level. Other applicants will be considered based on the student's academic standing and space availability. The following schools are served by ETS:  

  • Harvest Middle School
  • Redwood Middle School
  • Silverado Middle School

  CSU East Bay Middle School Fieldtrip

Middle school students will benefit from the following program services:

  • Academic Counseling
  • Essential skills workshops such as:
    • Organization and time management.
    • Test taking & textbook reading.
    • Class participation.
    • Interest and abilities.
    • Career exploration & planning.
    • Learning style assessment.
    • Transitioning to high school.
  • Fieldtrips to college campuses, universities and cultural events.

As a middle school student you will  be required to:

  • Participate in ETS workshops and activities.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA or above.







 CSU East Bay Fieldtrip

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