SSSP Committee


The current composition of the NVC Student Success and Support Program Committee (SSSPC) (formerly known as the Matriculation Steering Committee (MSC):


SSSP Committee Co-Chairs:

Oscar De Haro, Vice President of Student Services (Administrative Co-Chair)

Lisa Yanover, English Professor (Faculty Co-Chair)


SSSP Committee Members:

Angie Moore, Instructor/Counselor
Marci Sanchez, Division Chair of Counseling
Randy Villa, Math Professor, Math Department Coordinator


Chris Farmer, Research Analyst, Research Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Jeremy Ecklin, Testing and Tutoring Center Specialist

Jolie SanClair, Student Services Specialist (Welcome Center)



Howard Willis, Director of Student Support Services

Jessica Millikan, Associate Dean of Admissions and Records

Patti Morgan, Dean, Financial Aid/EOPS/Pre-College TRIO Programs

Rebecca Scott, Dean, Library and Learning Resource Center



Elizabeth Hall, ASNVC Representative


SSSP Committee Note Taker:

Martha Navarro, Administrative Assistant, Student Services/Matriculation