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  • SSS TRiO Office is OPEN during the Summer! General Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Cultural Trip: "Wicked" - June 12





Need appointment with your Student Specialist, call SSS Secretary, Renee Coffin, 707-256-7350 or drop-by our office to schedule an appointment.

  We sometimes send you text alerts for events, or to contact you. Cell phone number or cell phone provider changed? Please notify the SSS Secretary.
  We frequently send out reminders, information, scholarships, SSS Newsletters and announcements on a weekly basis. If your email address has changed or if you are not receiving emails, please notify the SSS Secretary. 
  All of our trips, events, and scholarships are located in binders. The binders are located near the front desk inside the office of SSS TRiO. The signup sheet for activities is located in the SSS Trips and Events Binder.
  Be sure that you are checking in with your Student Specialist at least 3x a semester. Recommended times to schedule an appointment: before the semester begins, during mid-terms, and when you register for the next term.


Did you change your name, your address, your contact phone numbers, and/or your email? Be sure to notify the SSS Secretary. Print and fill out this form .


                   Field Trips           




 *Must be participants in the SSS program to participate.

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 Tutoring Location:

McCarthy Library, 2nd Floor,

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Testing & Tutoring Center

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Spring 2014 Trip Schedule

Fall 2014 Tutoring Schedule 

June 12: "Wicked"

"To be Announced" in Fall



Fall 2014 Trip Schedule


"To Be Announced" in Fall





  Financial & Economic Literacy


  CashCourse Website

 LASSI Assessment

  FAFSA Website

  Financial Aid TV


 NVC Community Resources / Health






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