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The Office of Special Services provides assistance to students with physical, mental, emotional, or developmental disabilities. Eligible students are offered program planning services, as well as academic support and accommodation. Call (707) 253-3080 (voice) or 253-3085 (TDD) or stop by Room 210-E in the Administration Building.  

To ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to develop their potential at NVC, the Office of Special Services provides assistance to students who have verifiable disabilities, including physical limitations or learning disabilities.  Off-campus classes for personal enrichment are available, as are on campus credit classes in basic English, arithmetic, and adaptive physical education.  The college campus is physically accessible and the technical and occupational labs are designed and equipped to accommodate students with special needs.

Accommodations for documented students include, but are not limited to, note takers, books on tape, and exam modifications.  For questions, regarding these accommodations, phone the Office of Special Services at (707) 253-3080 or TDD 253-3085.

The program’s rehabilitation counselor has office hours on campus two days per week.  Contact the Counseling Center to schedule an appointment at (707) 253-3040.

WORKABILITY III (click to see Workability III web site)

The Workability Program is now located in the Student Support Services South building, across from the Child/Family Center.

Students who have physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities may qualify for services through the Napa Valley College’s Special Services cooperative program with the California Department of Rehabilitation, WorkAbility III.  WorkAbility III’s purpose is to provide services to NVC/DR students who have a goal of transitioning to the workplace with the assistance and support of Napa Valley College professionals.

Contact the Office of Special Services, Administration Building, or call 253-3080 (Voice) or 253-3085 (TDD) for information on mainstream academic support, as well as specialized programs and services.