Students Rights and Responsibilities

Ombudsperson (Student Advocate)


At Napa Valley College, we hope that our established policies and procedures work effectively.  When they do not, there are various methods for hearing complaints and appealing decisions.

The college Ombudsperson does not interfere with established processes but can assist you if you do not know the established process or have tried unsuccessfully to settle your complaint through routine channels.  The role of the Ombudsperson is neutral and confidential, with the authority to investigate complaints, provide information, and resolve problems. When solutions are not found, the problem may be referred to the appropriate administrator or division chair.  The current Ombudsperson is Jose Hurtado, Career Center/Transfer Center Coordinator, whose office is located in the 1300 Student Services 1 Building, Rm 1335A, phone (707) 256-7330 or 256-7333.