College Police

Workplace Violence

Most acts of workplace violence do not occur in a vacuum or without warning; there are generally warning signs that precede the event. The risk of workplace violence can be minimized by careful observation and documentation of an individual's behavior, such as:

·         Boundary Crossing which includes pushing the limits of acceptable workplace behavior and continual testing established rules

·         Chemical Dependence upon alcohol and/or drugs, which may create paranoia and aggressive behavior

·         History of Violence which is the best predictor of violent behavior

·         Inconsistent Work Patterns and Attendance Problems including periods of very high and very low work productivity, as well as unexplained or improbable excuses for absences

·         Pathological Blaming by people who cannot take responsibility for their own actions, will not admit wrongdoing, and always blame others, the college, or the system

·         Unusual / Changed Behavior including verbal outbursts, inappropriate remarks, and threats such as, "they'll regret this."

Workplace violence situations are often very complex, and you are not expected to handle the situation without assistance.  If you think a workplace violence situation is developing, call the College Police at Ext. 3333 or Human Resources at Ext. 3360.


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