College Police

Someone Actively Shooting

If you hear gunfire, the first course of action is to take cover. Your best chance to avoid injury is for you to remove yourself from the sight of the shooter.  This can be done in several ways:

  • If you are in a room, close and lock the door, if possible, barricade the door and then spread out inside the room, hide behind something solid, turn out the lights and be quiet.
  • If walking down a hallway move around the corner and look for an open door to leave through or a room to hide in.
  • If outdoors, get behind something like a wall or large tree and stay there until told to leave by the police.
  • If you are in a parking lot, hide between cars and crouch next to the engine area near the front wheel.
  • If the shooter enters your area, assume their intentions are lethal. Do whatever it takes to survive ... Your life depends on it even if you have to fight!


If you can safely call 911, then do so. DO NOT assume that someone else has called. Be prepared to tell 911:

  • Your name and location
  • Describe the shooter’s clothing (think shirt, pants, hat, glasses, etc.) and what they look like (think height, weight, hair color, etc.).
  • Where was the shooter and what direction the shooter headed.
  • Injuries to yourself and others around you.


Choose To Survive! 



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