"You must be the change that you want to see in the world." - Ghandi

Napa Valley College's Position on Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents

Napa Valley College is dedicated to creating a campus community known for inclusion and diversity.  It is the right of every individual who steps onto our campus to be treated with respect and appreciation for their unique qualities and contribution to our wonderfully diverse campus.

As a community we reject any actions that are motivated by hate or bigotry.  We believe that education is a primary force in shattering the myths that are the foundations of prejudices.

The College Police Department takes all reports of hate or bias seriously.  Every police officer in the department has received specific training in how to respond to and investigate a hate or bias incident.

What are hate crimes and bias incidents?

A simple definition of a hate crime is a "criminal" act that is motivated by a hatred based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

A bias incident is an act that is not a crime, but is motivated by hatred based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Who are the victims?

Anyone can become a victim of a hate crime, often for something the individual has no control over.  Victims of hate crimes or bias incidents rarely do anything to provoke it.  They are selected simply because of who they are perceived to be.

When a hate crime occurs, every member of the community becomes a victim.

How To Prevent Hate Crimes

People are not born to hate.  Hate is a learned behavior that begins early in life as children watch their parents and relatives, and their peers on the play ground.  Hate is a product of ignorance and is fueled by fear and anger.  Hate can be "unlearned" through education and awareness.

Modeling tolerance is an important form of personal leadership that can help change attitudes one person at a time.  Be sensitive to jokes and remarks that demonstrate intolerance.  Avoid using slang terms or other disparaging words.  Set a positive example, and others will follow.  Remember...hate-speech is often at the root of hate violence.

How do I report an incident at Napa Valley College?

A hate crime or bias incident should be reported as soon as possible to either the:

College Police - Ext. 3333
Student Services - Ext. 3110

If you see signs or property that has been defaced, please do not remove it because the location and circumstances are important for investigative purposes and prosecution.

Once a report is received the College Police, as well as the college administration will take immediate and appropriate action.

What You Can Do

To Stop Hate - Promote Tolerance - Create Respect

ACT - Apathy promotes acceptance.  Hold people accountable for their speech and for their actions.

UNITE - Call together friends, co-workers, peers, and students.  Seek agreement to combat hate and to promote tolerance.

SUPPORT - Tolerance does not require agreement or acceptance of a belief or lifestyle.  Reach out to victims of hate.  Be supportive and let them know that you care and that you understand.

LEARN - Knowledge is the key to reducing fear.  Learn more about different religions, ethnicities, gender, and sexual orientation.

SPEAK OUT - Exercise the First Amendment and choose not to participate in hate speech or to listen to music and rhetoric laced with hate.  Speak out against hate.

DISCUSS - Host forums for open, honest discussion and nonviolent resolutions.  Strive to create a tolerant and understanding community.

LEAD - Leadership is an activity, not a position.  Exercise your personal power and take responsibility by setting an example of acceptance for your friends, family, peers, and students.

RESPECT - Agreement is not a requirement for respect.  Respecting differences and showing consideration for others is easy when you remember that 98% of people are genetically the same.

INCLUSION - Combat exclusion by creating opportunities for different groups, individuals, and interests to come together for an exchange.

BEGIN - There is no reason to wait and it's never too late.  "Let the Journey Begin With Me"

Download Pam_28_Reporting_Hate_Crimes.pdfthis information pamphlet in PDF format.