College Police

Reporting Emergencies

The College Police can be contacted from campus phones in three ways:


Dialing 911 will put you in contact with Napa County Central Dispatch, who will contact the College Police and other necessary help.  You should call 911 when:

(  You see a violent criminal act.

(  You see someone being attacked.

(  Someone stops breathing or has a heart attack.


511 - Urgent Assistance

Dialing 511 will put you in contact with the college dispatch center or the on-duty  officer.  You should call 511 when:

(  You see or encounter a person acting suspiciously.

(  You are the victim of a theft or other non-violent crime.

(  Someone is hurt … but does not require an ambulance.


Ext. 3333 - Routine Assistance

Ext. 3333  is a business phone number for  the College Police.  It should be used for routine business.  You should call 3333 when:

(  You have a question about a parking citation or issue.

(  You are looking for lost and found property.




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