College Police

Psychological Crisis/Disruptive Behavior

The Napa Valley College Crisis Assessment Team is made up of individuals from College Police, Student Services, and Counseling who have specific training in how to respond to disruptive situations.

The College Police are the designated first responder for campus crisis intervention and should be called to the scene whenever a disruption or crisis occurs.

The College Police will notify the Crisis Assessment Team.

             When dealing with a person who is having a psychological crisis:

                 Avoid invading their personal space (within arm’s reach) of the person.

                 Do not get "hooked" into defending your credibility.

                 Do not allow your “buttons” to be pushed.

                 Do not threaten or ridicule the person.

                 Do not get into an argument with the person.

                 Do not raise your voice; use a calm and clear voice.



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