College Police

Preparedness Tips

In a major disaster it is possible for the college to be without immediate outside assistance for up to 72 hours.  Everyone at the College needs to prepare.

For Faculty

The instructor, as the authoritative figure in the classroom, can influence how students respond in an emergency. Calm, collected and clear directions by the instructors will have a calming effect. In order for an instructor to exhibit this controlled demeanor, they should mentally rehearse how to respond if an emergency occurs during classroom instruction. For example, in a major earthquake, they should instruct students to duck, cover, and hold on until the shaking stops and then direct students to the emergency assembly area.

For  Employees

All college employees should react as calmly as possible and follow the directions of their department head or emergency plan. The response to and successful recovery from a disaster will depend on thoughtful and cooperative response by all campus personnel.  

For  Students

Every student should become familiar with the information on the Emergency Information Posters, which are located throughout campus.   In an emergency, you should react as calmly as possible and follow the directions of your instructor or emergency personnel. 

For Department Heads

Be prepared to coordinate a local emergency response in your area until other help arrives. Develop emergency plans for your Department or area that include:

Þ      Emergency checklists about shutting down and evacuating your area

Þ      An up-to-date emergency phone tree

Þ      Identified evacuation routes and where to meet at the emergency assembly area

Þ      Encourage employees to have a personal emergency kit on hand. Information about individual preparedness (Information can be found at



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