College Police

Medical Emergencies & First Aid

In the event of a medical emergency on the main campus:

  • Life Threatening (Not Breathing, Unconsciousness, Heart Stops) ~ Call 911
  • Urgent (Bleeding, Shortness of Breath, Disorientation, Seizures) ~ Call 511
  • Non-Urgent (Illness or Minor Injuries) ~ Call 259-8005 ~ Student Health Center 

Stay with the person until emergency help arrives and render first aid, if you are trained to do so.

At the Upper Valley Campus or off-campus location if you encounter a life-threatening or urgent medical emergency, tend to the person and have another person contact 911. They should tell the 911 center what is going on, where you are, and then stay on the phone until told to hang up by the 911 operator.

Injury/Illness Reporting Procedures

Employees of the District are required to report work related injury or illness to their supervisor. The supervisor should immediately report the injury to the Office of Risk Management and complete the Supervisor’s First Report of Injury.  If the employee seeks medical care and/or misses more than 1 working day, they must complete a DWC-1(Workers’ Compensation claim) form. All the forms may be obtained from the Office of Risk Management at ext. 3349.


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