College Police

Emergency Information

Immediately after a major emergency or disaster (such as an earthquake), there is often a great deal of confusion and anxiety. You should remain as calm as possible and remember the following:

i   The college is committed to providing official emergency information as quickly as possible and will use the following emergency communications methods:

Þ      Face to Face Area Coordinators

Þ      Face to Face Police Officers

Þ      Emergency Text Messages (SMS)

Þ      Official Emails

Þ      Phone Messages

Þ      College Website

Þ      Loudspeakers

Þ      Audible Alarms

Þ      Local Media

Þ      Flyers and Display Boards


i   In the first few minutes after an emergency, official information will likely not be available.

i   The information you receive will be very brief and may not have all the details you would like ...
Do not let that keep you from acting.

i   You may also receive emergency information via word of mouth or other text messages from students and staff. Even though it is not official information, if you believe you are in danger then take action ... Do not wait for verification.

i   The phone system, if it is working, may be overwhelmed and should only be used for emergency calls.

In an disaster emergency, information about what has happened, what to do, and where to go will be available at the emergency assembly areas as quickly as possible.


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