College Police

Earthquake Preparedness

Faculty and supervisors should inform students and staff of how to protect themselves before an earthquake. Information is available from the College Police, Ext. 3330.


  • If indoors, drop, take cover under a desk, table, etc. and hold on. Stay away from glass windows, shelves, and heavy equipment.
  • If outdoors, move quickly away from buildings, utility poles, and other structures. Always avoid downed power or utility lines because they may be energized.
  • If in an automobile, stop in the safest place available, preferably an open area away from power lines and trees. Stop as quickly as safety permits but stay in the vehicle for the shelter it offers.

After the initial shaking stops, evaluate the situation and if emergency help is necessary, call 911 or 511. Protect yourself at all times and be prepared for aftershocks.

If the building evacuation/fire alarm is sounding or if you are told to leave by the College Police, Area Coordinators or emergency personnel, walk quickly to the nearest marked exit and alert others to do the same.

Once outside, move to a clear area at least 100 feet away from the building. Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel. Listen for instructions from the College Police. If it is necessary, you will be instructed to go to an emergency assembly area where you will receive further information about local conditions and exit routes from campus.

Be alert for hazards such as building damage, gas leaks, fires, broken utility lines, spilled chemicals, and other potentially harmful materials.

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In the event of an earthquake:

Do not return to an evacuated building unless directed to do so by the College Police or emergency personnel.

Do not use the telephone, except for emergency calls.

Do not use matches or other open flames until you are certain there are no dangerous fumes present.

Do not operate electrical equipment if gas leaks are suspected.

Do not touch downed power lines.