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Disaster Service Worker

California Government Code Sections 3100-3109 states in part, all public employees are considered Disaster Service Workers (DSW) when employed by any county, city, state agency or public district. The College is a public district.

What is my responsibility as a DSW?
In a disaster, you are required to assist in the response to and recovery from a disaster. All employees of the District should view the DSW video at, read the general overview of what it means to be a DSW and how to prepare for an emergency.

What duties might I be asked to perform as a DSW?
In most cases, you will be given a general assignment based on the needs of the College and your abilities. Examples of general job category duties you may be asked to perform include: clerical support, damage assessment, driver, food preparation, interpreter, etc.

What do I do if there has been a major emergency or disaster?

 If you are at work:

Assist your class if you are teaching and then report to your supervisor.

If you are in an office, execute your area response plan then report to your supervisor.

            If you are at home or otherwise away from work:

Take care of your family and personal needs

Do not report to the College until contacted by your supervisor.

Listen to the radio to receive possible reporting instructions:

 Bay Area Radio Stations  North Bay Radio Stations
San Francisco - KNBR (680AM) Napa - KVON (1440AM)
San Francisco - KCBS (740AM) Vacaville - KUIC (95.3FM)
San Francisco - KGO (810AM)


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  • Click here to download a pdf version of the Disaster Service Worker brochure.
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